Coil Slitting and re-coiling

We can slit wide coils down to a more suitable width.

Orders can be placed within the following perimeters:

Maximum Input Width: 1800mm
Minimum Output Width: 45mm

0.8mm - 2.0mm: up to 20 slits output per run
> 2.0mm - 3.5mm: up to 14 slits output per run

If the amount of slit coils that you need from the mother coil exceeds the machine's capacity, we will do a second run with the balance to give you the quantity that you need.
i.e. If you need 19) 60mm wide coils from a 1225 X 3.5mm coil, our machine's max capacity is 14 slits. We will then slit 13) 60mm wide coils and reload the balance to slit the remaining 6) 60mm coils.

Coils of up to 25ton can be slit down to the width and weight that you specify.

We can supply the coils stacked "Eye to Wall" or "Eye to Sky", as shown in the diagram below.

Slit coils packed eye to wall and eye to sky

Full Coils

Unopened Steel Coils


De-coiler Mandrill


Coil Being Slit

Slit Strips

Slit Strips Pulling Out of Equaliser Pit


Palisade Fencing

Slit Coils

Slit and Re-coiled Material


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