Palisade Calculator

On this page you can calculate the amount of palings, crossmembers, uprights, polecaps and base plates that you will require for your fence.
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The quantities given are based on theory only. It will always be a close estimate, but every situation is unique and there might be variations in the exact amount of material needed.

Use the "Tab" key to navigate through the entry fields.

Enter the information of your palisade fence below to calculate the required material.

Length of your fence

  • If you have one, straight wall that you would like to calculate for, please enter information in "Side A" only and continue to "Panel Preferences"
  • If you have more than one side, and they are connected to each other, please enter the lengths of the sides into the different blocks respectively
  • If you have multiple stand-alone walls, please do a separate excercise for each wall (using only "Side A" each time), or series of connected walls (Using a combination of sides A, B, C and D each time)
Side A Side B Side C Side D
Select the height of your fence in the block to the right

Panel Preferences

  • If you choose "Slotted Channel" for your crossmembers, the quantities will be calculated using the the number of slots in our pre-punched channels. If you would like to specify your own distance between each upright, please select "Angle Iron" for your crossmember and continue to "Spacing of Uprights"
Panel Width Select Crossmember Posts
Select wether your posts will be buried, or mounted on top of a wall or concrete or any other surface
If you are mounting the posts to a surface, please enter the amount of bolts / anchors that you want to use per post

Spacing of Uprights

  • Any information entered below will not be considered in the calculation if you selected "Slotted Channel" in the section above, please make sure that "Angle Iron" is selected as your crossmember
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our spiked pales are all 40mm wide; the 25mm, 30mm and 50mm are included only incase you would like to make up something using those sizes of angle iron with blank ends.
Distance between each Paling Paling Size
Polecaps and Baseplates  
Bolts / Anchors  


These values are calculated using theoretical values only and should not be accepted as final.
They are merely intended to give a fairly accurate estimation of required material.


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