CNC Punching

Our 30ton Punching machine features some of the most advanced technology in punching machines to date.

Machine Specifications and abilities:

  • Punch sheets up to 3000 X 6mm
  • Punch up to 1200 holes per minute
  • Punch up to 80mm hole with a single hit in up to 4mm mild steel
  • Punch up to 40mm hole with a single hit in up to 6mm mild steel

Our CAD System allows us to design and draw all parts to the highest accuracy and detail.

We can also do programming directly from your drawings, if saved in one of the following digital formats: .dxf, .dwg or other similar files.

For Punching enquiries, please contact Rudi on

Aeroton Steel
2b Aerodrome Road
Johannesburg South
South Africa
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