Mild Steel Sections

We carry stock of most the sections you will need; from reinforcing to burglarproofing, to building that braaistand for a well deserved brake.

  • Reinforcing bars for foundations
  • Reinforcing mesh for your slabs
  • All the popular sizes of structural tubing; from 12mm up to 100mm
  • Lipped Channel; in 6m and 9.145m lengths
  • Angle Iron; from 25mm up to 80mm
  • Flat bar
  • Palisades and Slotted Channel
  • A variety of Razor Wire
  • Expanded Metal
  • Walkway Grids

You can click on one of the following links to download a PDF that lists the sizes we keep in stock

The standard length of all our sections is 6000mm. If you require shorter lengths in order to transport it, we will gladly cut the steel you have purchased to suitable lengths.


Pictures of different mild steel sections

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